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How to set up Rebrandly as URL shortener?

Dropshare supports Rebrandly as custom URL shortener.

Follow this steps to set it up properly:

Open the Preferences and navigate to the Uploads tab. Select to use a custom URL shortener.


Click on the configuration button and select the following preferences:

  • Custom Endpoint URL: https://api.rebrandly.com/v1/links/new?apikey=<API KEY>&domain[fullName]=rebrand.ly
    • Replace <APIKEY> with your personal API key from Rebrandly
    • Optionally replace rebrand.ly in the URL with your personal domain which has been set up with Rebrandly
  • Parameter name: destination
  • HTTP method: GET


That's it! From now on, Dropshare will use Rebrandly to shorten your upload URLs.

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