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How to set up FTP/FTPS connections


Dropshare 5.8 and newer

To create an FTP/FTPS connection in Dropshare for Mac, first enter the preferences. Switch to the Connection tab, and create a new connetion.

Select the FTP/FTPS tab for your connection, and enter all required information:

  • Enter the server address (FQDN) or IP address. If you need to specify a custom port, do so: "hostname:port".
  • Enter your FTP user name
  • Enter your FTP password
  • Enter the path where the uploads should be saved, relative from the FTP root
  • Enter the URL where the uploads can be reached (the public URL to the FTP directory)
  • Choose whether to use FTPS (AUTH SSL). You should always prefer encrypted connections!
  • Choose whether to use passive mode 


Press Test Connection to make sure Dropshare is able to connect to the FTP server and successfully upload files.

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