How to enable GIF Screen Recordings and install FFmpeg




  • Devon Blandin

    Another option if you're on a mac with homebrew installed:

    Moderator note: Please note that this only works for the Dropshare for Mac standalone version purchased from the website. Thanks!

    $ brew install ffmpeg
    $ ln -s `which ffmpeg` /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg-static
  • Travis

    Posting for others, in the event you run in to this problem.

    Dropshare was telling me it could not find ffmpeg-static. However, I could not figure out where the "system" version of Python was.

    In "/usr/bin/" you may find three "xattr" files there. "xattr", "xattr-2.6", "xattr-2.7". If you attempt to run xattr, you may see this error:

    python version 2.7.6 can't run ./xattr. Try the alternative(s):

    ./xattr-2.6 (uses python 2.6)
    ./xattr-2.7 (uses python 2.7)

    Run "man python" for more information about multiple version support in
    Mac OS X.

    Interestingly, xattr-2.6 contains the "system" version of Python. So, I expected modifying the "xattr" script to include the shebang from xattr-2.6, but that didn't work.

    Instead, do this:

    cd /usr/bin
    sudo mv xattr xattr_bak
    sudo ln -s xattr-2.6 xattr

    Now enable GIF exports. Worked for me, but know that your mileage may vary depending on your system setup.

    If this breaks something, you can easily revert:

    cd /usr/bin
    sudo rm xattr
    sudo mv xattr_bak xattr

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